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Element® Glossy Embroidery Thread is a premium quality, 40 weight trilobal polyester thread. Brilliant sheen, inherent strength, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance makes it perfect for everything we might wish to sew or embroider from wall hangings, to quilting, to fashion and accessories to items of home decor. Element trilobal polyester is available in 465 colors to easily satisfy the most ambitious creative pursuits.

Element® Matte Embroidery Threads exhibit all of the same structural qualities of Element Gloss threads while substituting a smooth matte finish for the more traditional gloss finish.  The subtle effects of a matte-finish embroidery thread enable us to create depth, shading or structure to our embroidery designs. Implementing any of the available 233 Element matte-finish colors can open amazing, and perhaps even new creative vistas.

Element® Shade Families is an industry unique method employed by Element to show both the colors available as well as portray the subtle shade variations associated with their primary color groupings.  This allows the thread artist to more effectively select the most appropriate fiber shades for any given project sewing, quilting or embroidery.

(*) Thread available also in Matte Finish.