Greetings. My name is Steve Butler. For the last quarter century following a fulfilling naval career, I have been involved in developing threads for all genres of sewing, including quilting, fashion, home décor, heirloom, and embroidery. This was done under the auspices of noted industry leading manufacturers and importers. That knowledge, experience and the derived professional contacts has proven invaluable.

Over that time I’ve met many people who make the threads we love and maybe some threads we don’t even know about…yet. Some of them are great threads but their prices are not. One thing has become clear, everyone should have access to these threads without having to pay premium prices!

Over the years I’ve tried to imagine what I would do if I returned to the business of providing quality threads to those who live to sew. The answer is Element. It’s a new brand of thread offered online, allowing you access to the finest embroidery threads and featuring an amazing selection of colors matching the most popular color palettes already resident in your favorite sewing and embroidery machines. All of this is done at a price that allows you to pursue your passion with reckless abandon. Great threads at a great price. Win – Win!