Designed for appliqué on fashion, quilts, embroidery, home décor, or craft projects. This premium paper backed fusible patch is available in three sizes to accommodate either pre-made or original patches.
Instructions to use the Patch Master:
Select the size best suited for your patch and iron it paper side up onto the wrong side of the design you want to attach. A press cloth can be used if desired. When you’re ready to apply it to your project simply peel the paper side off, position the object on your project exactly where you want it with both fabrics right side up and iron in place.
Additional Information
Patch Master Size Patch Dimensions (W*L) Kits Qty.
Diamond Small 2.3 * 3.5 inch (6 * 9 cm) 1 kit * 8pcs
Diamond Medium 2.7 * 3.8 inch (7 * 9.8 cm) 1 kit *5pcs
Diamond Large 3.1 * 4.3 inch (8 * 11 cm) 1 kit *3pcs

Additional information